Bread Pizza Bite

Bread Pizza bite is an easy and instant evening snack. If you have craving for cheesy pizza and don’t have time to order it online or making pizza dough in the home then here is the best option to prepare at home any time with few ingredients within 15 mins. To make it healthier use whole wheat bread and topped up with veggies of your choice, pizza sauce, dried herbs, and all-time favorite Amul cheese. You can try this mini bread pizza at your tea party or you can serve this with white sauce pasta and coke in dinner. You can also make this snack with or without an oven. But here check out the Bread Pizza recipe both with and without oven.


8 Sliced wheat bread
1 tbsp. Butter
1 cup chopped veggies (Green pepper, Onion, Tomato, Corn, Mushroom, Coriander leaves)
½ cup grated Cottage Cheese/ Paneer
1 Cup grated Amul Cheese ( as per the requirement)
1 tbsp dried Oregano
½ cup pizza sauce
1 tbsp Back pepper powder
Salt to taste

Making Bread Pizza in Pan Version

1. Let’s start making the cheesy bread pizza bite, Take a container and add all fresh finely chopped veggies, grated paneer, and little bit cheese which give a creamy texture to the mixture.

2. Now add dry masalas like oregano or dried herbs, pepper powder, salt to taste, and mix well.

3. Take 8 slice bread, you can use the whole slice bread by cutting the outer brown layer or you can prepare a round shape disc with a cutter.

3. For round shape use a big round cutter and cut the 8 bread slices in round shape. Now use small cutter and cut 4 round slices and keep aside the ring size, we are going to use round bread as a base and rings on the top of round bread.

4. Spread butter on the round slices then spread pizza sauce and put a ring on the top of each round slices. Now Fill the center of each disc with veggie mixture and add some extra grated cheese on the top.

5. In a pan add 1 spoon of butter, after melting place all the bread slices to the pan and fry for 5min. Now serve the cheesy bread Pizza bite with tomato ketchup and chili flakes.

Making Bread Pizza within Oven

1. Preheat oven to 180. Brush the baking tray with butter and place bread slices on it.
2. Bake for 15 minutes until bread toasted and cheese is melted.
3. Enjoy this tasty the cheesy snack at home with white sauce pasta.

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