Holi Special Gujiya

Sweet dish Gujiya is deep-fried Dumpling, made of Suji (semolina) and Flour and stuffed with Khoya, Grated Coconuts, and dry fruits. It’s a classic Indian Holi special sweet, common in North India specifically in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. It is popular in different names like Ghugre, Karanji, and Pedakiya. The outer side of Gujiya is crispy with a soft sweet filling. There are many types of gujiya available with different stuffing like Mawa or Khoya, dry fruits, grated Coconut and even healthier ones like baked gujiyas.



For the Gujiya Dough

1. Refined flour 2 cup
2. Butter or Ghee 2 tbsp
3. Semolina (Suji) 1 tbsp
4. Lukewarm water as per the requirement

For the Gujiya Filling

1. Khoya 1 cup
2. Sugar 1 cup
3. Grated Coconut ½ cup
4. Sliced nuts 1 tbsp
5. Green cardamom powder 2 tbsp

For Deep fry

Ghee or oil for deep frying


For making Dough

1. Mix together Flour, Suji and butter in a bowl and mix well with fingertips so everything is incorporated well.
2. Add water slowly to it and Knead properly to make a soft dough. Cover the dough with a wet muslin cloth to keep it soft and rest it for 30 minutes.

For stuffing

1. In a pan roast khoya with almonds and grated coconuts for 1 minute on medium heat. Stir continuously so the mixture does not stick on the bottom of the pan.
2. Only give it to a quick toss after aroma comes from the mixture switch of the flame. Add sugar, chopped nuts and cardamom powder, mix well and keep it aside.

Making the Gujiya

1. After 30 mins again knead the dough, take the small size of ball-like puri ball from the dough and roll into 4-inch diameter.
2. Wet the edges with water or flour paste with your fingertips and place the stuffing mixture over the one-half circle.
3. Now press the edges together or fold the half-circle with your fingers and sealed it completely.
4. You can use a Fancy cutter to cut the edges and make a design or you may use your own idea like twisting the edges with hand till the end.
5. Prepare all the gujiyas in this way and covered with a wet muslin cloth so that the dough doesn’t dry.
6. Add oil or ghee to the deep frying container and fry gujiyas on the medium heat till golden brown.
7. Transfer it to an airtight container after cooling and store up to a long time.

Recipes notes

1. You can modify or skip the ingredients to making gujiyas according to your choice.
2. Don’t skip to cover the dough or gujiyas with the wet muslin cloth before frying.
3. You can make it sweeter by Deeping gujiyas on the sugar syrup and let dry on a plate.

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