Top 4 Flavoured Indian Tea Recipes

Tea is a popular flavourful beverage in the world, mostly prepared in every Indian home. This aromatic drink consumed by every age groups. A cup of tea in the morning can refresh the mind and gives energy for the whole day’s activities. Tea contains antioxidants, also the ability to lower blood pressure, lessen oxidative stress and provide many other health benefits Here I am sharing some new Indian tea recipes with easy steps for Chai lovers i.e Irani Tea, Tandoori Tea, Kashmiri Khawa and Noon chai. All tea recipes are so easy and delicious. You can try this one to add a new taste to your tea.

So let’s quickly check the tea recipes one by one

1/ Hyderabadi Irani Tea

Ingredients: 4 cups Full-fat milk, 6 cups water,  4 tbsp. Condensed milk/ 25 grams Mawa, 3 spoon sugar, 4-5 tbsp. Tea leaves, 4 crushed cardamom pod, 2-4 cloves of Star Anise, wheat flour dough

Method- For Irani Chai, here we will use small size Handi or you can use any other utensil like a pressure cooker. Now add water in it along with tea leaves, sugar, cardamom pod, and star anise and cover it. Cooking this decoction in high heat around 40-45mins and place some dough into the corner of handi to seal the edges perfectly, so that steam doesn’t escape too much. On the other side heat a small Pan and add full-fat milk, now we are going to add condensed milk and mix it well. Instead of condensed milk, you can also use Mawa or Khoya. Cook the milk near about 10-15mins in medium flame. Stir it vigorously, after the milk gets to boil, simmer the heat but keep an eye on it. When the milk looks very thick and rich then switch off the flame and keeps it aside. After 40mins, open the decoction pot, you can see it reduce to 1 ½ cup only and looks absolutely delicious. Strain the Irani chai decoction and mix it with the rich milk. Now it’s completely ready, time to drink it!

2/ Tandoori Tea- Smoky Flavoured Tea

Ingredients: ½ cup water, 2 cup Milk, 2 ½ tbsp. Tea Leaves, 2 tbsp. Sugar, ½ spoon of Crushed Ginger, 1 tbsp. Tea masala, 1 tbsp. Lemongrass, 1 clay pot

Method: Let’s start with boiling water in a saucepan. In to this add Tea leaves, sugar, Crushed Ginger, Lemongrass and tea masala, mix it nicely with water on medium flame. And now add milk into it and mix as well. Boil it perfectly up to 2-3 times. Simultaneously on another burner heat up the clay pot on low heat. Make sure the clay pot becomes red hot equally from both upper and lower sides and even changed colour to dark brown or black then turn off the flame. Place it in an open container and pour or strain the hot tea over it. The tea will start to bubble in the clay pot and oozing out which gives the tea a unique earthy flavour. Now it ready to serve hot.

3/ Kashmiri Khawa- A winter drink

Ingredients: 2 tbsp. Kashmiri Tea Leaves, 2 tbsp. Sugar, 3-2 Pieces Green Cardamom, 1 piece of Cinnamon Stick, 1 tbsp. Dried Pink Rose Petals, 2 tbsp. crushed Almond and 2 cups of Water

Method: To make Khawa, boil two cups of water in a saucepan. Add Cinnamon and cardamom and allow boiling for 3-4mins, so that all the flavour of spices gets infused in water. Now add tea leaves, sugar along with few dried rose petals into it and boil it till sugar dissolved in water. In this step, you will found the nice colour of tea along with a lovely strong aroma smell coming from it. Cook it for another 2-3mins after a boil, add crushed almonds in the cup, and strain the Flavourful Kashmiri Kahwa. Serve it with few pink petals and the flavourful tea will make you sip it over and over.

4/ Noon Chai- Kashmiri Pink chai:

Ingredients: 2 cups of normal water, 2 tbsp. Kashmiri Tea leaves, 1 spoon Crushed cardamom, 2-4 cloves of Star Anise, 4-6 Saffron strands, 2 tbsp. Baking soda, ½ spoon salt, 4 Cups full cream Milk, 2 tbsp. Sugar, 4 Mugs Ice Chilled Water, 2 Sliced Almond

Method: Boil water in a saucepan. Add tea leaves, all the spices along with saffron strands and whisk with a spatula for 2mins. Then add baking soda and shake it vigorously and boil until the water becomes reduces to half. When it looks dark pinkish black in colour, at this point turn off the heat and add cold water and shake well with a spatula. Again turn on the flame and add salt and sugar. Stir it continuously for two minutes. Now add full-fat milk and lets it boil for 5-10mins. Strain it to the cup and garnish with sliced almonds.

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