Raksha Bandhan: 2 Special Easy and quick Sweet Recipes

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima festival is a significant day for all siblings which is celebrated all over India. This auspicious festival usually falls on the last day of Saawan month. This day is meant to celebrate the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters like food and gifts are a big part of Raksha Bandhan. Sister tie a Rakhi and offer sweets to their brothers to cherish the special moments. I too have two younger brothers and they have started demanding for sweets. I prepared homemade Milk Peda and Cham Cham sweets for them they are very yummy and super delicious, I recommended you to give it a try definitely this will add more sweetness to the day.

This lockdown instead of stepping out of the home to purchase sweets try this recipe to prepare sweets in the home itself.

Doodh Peda | Milk Pedda Sweet Recipe


Milk- 2 cups
Milk powder- 3 cups (300 grams)
Ghee- 1/2cup Ghee (50 grams)
Sugar powder: ½ cup (50 grams)
Milk Maid- 2 tbsp.
cardamom powder- ½ tbsp
Chopped Almonds- for garnishing


1/ Heat a large nonstick kadhai and put cow ghee to melt. Add full-fat milk for the more creamy texture and Stir well for 5min.

2/ After 5min add Milk powder along with milkmaid. Stir continuously to thicken the mixture on a medium flame for around 10 minutes.

3/ Now add sugar powder and saffron milk to give it a nice yellow color. Keep stirring continuously on medium flame to prevent milk from burning.

4/ It’s around 10mins and you can observe the mixture separates from the kadhai and holds shape.

5/ Add cardamom powder and mix it well. Turn off the flame and immediately pour the mixture in steel plate which is brushed with ghee. Allow it to cool slightly.

6/ Now kneed the dough on smooth hand and take small portions to roll them in small to medium balls. Press slightly the balls by using your palm to flatten them.

7/ Garnish with chopped almonds. You can leave it on room temperature for a few hours to set and leftovers can be refrigerated.

Cham Cham Sweet Recipe


For Chenna: Full-Fat Milk- 1 Liter, White Vinegar- 2 tbsp. (dilute with 6 tbsp. of water)

For Dough and Sugar Syrup: Flour- 2 tbsp., Corn flour- 4 tbsp., Sugar- 2 Cups, Water- 6 Cups

For Mawa Stuffing: Homemade Mawa- ½ Cup, Saffron milk- 1 tbsp., Condensed Milk- 1 tbsp., Cardamom Powder-1/2 tbsp.

How to make Chenna for Chum Chum:
Making Chenna:

1/ Take 1 Liter of full-fat milk in a heavy bottom pan and boil it. Stir Continuously in a medium flame and make sure to avoid the formation of the malai layer on top (if it forms then chenna will become hard).

2/ Once it is boiling, Reduce the flame and add dilute vinegar (mix 2 tbsp. of vinegar with 6 tbsp. of water) slowly with stirring to curdle it.

3/ When you see the whey separated from the solids then switch off the flame and strain it immediately through a muslin cloth and drain off the water. Rinse it well with running water and remove all the water by squeezing the cloth. Hang the cloth for 30 mins to remove the excess water.

Preparing Chum Chum Dough :

1/Remove the Chenna from cloth and knead well using your palm to make a soft dough for 5-10 minutes. Add flour and cornflour and mix well once again. You will see your palms are getting greasy.

2/ Now divide the dough 8-10 small pieces. Take one piece and roll into a 4inch cylindrical shape, make sure that there are no cracks. Set aside

Making Sugar Syrup:

1/ Add 2 cups sugar and 8 cup water in a heavy bottom container and stir with a spatula and cover the lid.

2/ Let the water boil for 5 mins on a high flame. Here you don’t need to look for any thread consistency.

3/ Once the syrup has boiled, it is ready for cooking Chum Chum. Remove the lid from sugar syrup and gently drop the chenna rolls into it and again cover it.

4/ Cook for 15 mins on high heat no need to stir. Turn the heat to medium to low and cook for 5 minutes more.

5/ Turn off the flame and let them cool completely inside the sugar syrup.

Making Mawa Stuffing:

1/ Making mawa stuffing is so simple. Here no need for cooking. Take a bowl add some homemade khoya, saffron milk, condensed milk, cardamom powder and make a smooth mixture. If you need more smooth or creamy stuffing then add a big spoon full of milk, don’t use water here to make it smooth.

2/ Once the chum chum has cooled off, squeeze them from sugar syrup and make a lengthwise slit with a knife.

3/ Fill with the creamy khoya stuffing and smoothen the top.

4/ Garnish with a piece of cherry and serve chilled.

Tips and Tricks:

1/ Use full-fat milk to make Pedas having a more creamy texture.

2/ If you don’t have milk powder then you can use homemade khoya instead of milk powder.

3/ You can also use yellow fruit color if not available saffron to make Peda colorful.

4/ You can skip adding Condensed milk or milkmaid

5/ Don’t overcook the mixture as then the Pedas will become chewier.

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