Special Thandai For Holi

Holi is a festival of happiness and colours which welcomes the arrival of the spring season. Thandai is a traditional drink most popular in North Indian states. A popular staple Thandai basically served Chilled during festivals like Holi and Maha Shivaratri. To make the Holi more memorable people love to drink Thandai with bhang in little amount but here I skip the step adding bhang to make it simple drink for children. This Thandai made by using a good amount of dry fruits and spices to make it more favourable and naturally cooling our body, Hence it names “Thandai”.


1. Milk- 1 lit
2. Sugar- 1\2 cup
3. Rosewater- 1 tbsp
4. Kesar/ Saffron- 6-7 strands

For Spices:

1. Soaked almonds- 8-10 pieces
2. Peppercorn- 5-6 Pieces
3. Green Cardamom: 4-6 pods
4. Poppy seeds: 2 tbsp
5. Fennel seeds: 1 tbsp

How to make Thandai

1- To make Thandai blend all the nuts and spices together to a smooth paste and keep aside. If required you can add 1tbsp of milk into it while blending.

2- Heat a heavy bottom non-stick container on high heat and add milk to it. Stir continuously and let it come to one boil.

3- In a small bowl add 1 tbsp of hot milk and saffron strands to dissolve it perfectly. Let it dissolve until it gets a nice yellow colour.

4- Lower the heat after 15 mins and add the masala paste to it and mix well.

5- Add sugar and mix well with the help of wire whisk. After sugar dissolved add saffron to the milk for a nice Kesar flavour with yellow colour and switch of the heat.

6- Let it sits for 30 mins or allows cooling it completely on the room temperature. After cool down the milk, add rose water and strain it using a sieve into a pitcher.

7- Press the mixture with a spoon and strain maximum flavour out of the spices into it and Refrigerate it for overnight for best cooling.

8- To serve, pour Thandai into the silver glasses to give a traditional look with slice16d nuts, rose petals and some strands of Kesar.

Also, try different Flavours of Thandai

Apart from the Plain Thanda, you can also try the below-mentioned varieties.

Bhang Thandai: to make a smooth paste Grind some leaves of cannabis or bhang seeds with the help of mortar pestle and added the strained liquid to the plane version of Thandai.

Mango Delight: To give it a tangy twist we can grind ripe mango pulp with spices to make a mango masala which added to the milk and follow the plane Thandai methods.

Rose Thandai: Add a good amount of Rooh-afza or rose syrup to it.

Cocoa Mania Thandai: We all know kids are always mad for chocolates. It delights for the kids. To make it special we can add a big spoon of cocoa powder if it is not available, then you can add also melted dark chocolate directly to the milk. Follow the remaining Procedure to make Coco Mania Cool drink.

Gulkand Thandai: Add a spoon full of gulkand to it.

Tips/ Recipe Notes:

1- You can also try different fruit flavoured by adding fruit syrup to it.

2- Before Strain, the masalas from milk rest it about 30-40 minutes for better results. Don’t skip the step because in this time duration milk absorbs all the spices flavour into it.

3- You can store it for a minimum of 1-2 weeks.

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